Tesla Model S
with full Equipment

When choosing a vehicle, we decided on the respective top variant in all categories. As a renter of the vehicle, you have maximum comfort and enjoyment. The luxurious equipment leaves nothing to be desired:
  • Obsidian black
  • Beautiful 21-inch carbon wheels
  • Extra huge panaroma sunroof
  • Black-carbon combination
  • Seat heating in front and rear seats
  • Seat cooling
  • Entertainment package (Netflix, YouTube, Games, …)
  • Ludicrous acceleration package
  • Premium package
  • Autopilot 2.5: Latest software
  • CCS charging upgrade
  • Typ 2
  • CCS adaptor
  • 230V and 400V adaptor
  • Supercharging with up to 150kw for ultra-fast charging

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The Model S Autopilot

Tesla reveals how driving will be done in the future.
Our Model S is equipped with 8 cameras and numerous additional sensors. This enables 360 ° all-round monitoring of the environment at a distance of up to 250m.
The traffic and all objects are constantly monitored and clearly displayed to the driver. The autopilot software is continuously developed by Tesla and new features and improvements are regularly made available in the vehicle via remote maintenance.
At the moment, the vehicles can already drive partially autonomously and only need humans as a controlling authority. The vehicle often recognizes dangerous situations before it becomes apparent to the driver.
The newest feature is the navigation by autopilot. The Tesla navigates independently through motorway junctions to the motorway exit based on the destination entered.

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Tesla: Short charging time,
great coverage

Fast. Secure. Electric.
The Tesla Model S P100D offers the largest possible capacity with the 100 kWh battery. This promises a long range on your journey. Despite the large capacity, the charging time is short due to the CCS standard and the fast supercharger network, which includes countless charging stations across Europe.
km Range
Minutes (charging time 20 – 80%)
Tesla Superchargers in Germany
Charging stations in Germany
Renting a Tesla Model S means driving without worrying. The range of more than 500 km doesn’t require many charging stops. And the available charging infrastructure eliminates every fear.
The fastest and most comfortable way to charge Tesla is via the Tesla Supercharging network. These are found at each Highway and in almost every bigger city. With a charging speed of up to 150 kw, the Model S is ready to go in a very short time.

This link provides a list of all available Superchargers as well as destination chargers.

Apart from that, our Model S comes with all required charging cables and adaptors. Most important is our special upgrade to support the Europe specific CCS charging standard. With that, our Model S is compatible with almost all charging stations in Europe and enables faster charging comparted to the Type 2 standard.
Charging at home is supported as well. Both 230V and 400V are supported. These slower charging methods can be used when the Model S is parked for a longer time period, e.g. over night.

Are you interested? Send us a request now and get your individual offer:


Are you interested? Send us a request now and get your individual offer:

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